Savage side of listening to your kids.

Hello my sweet and savage friends! Can I talk candidly about motherhood. I love the “truth bomb” mom on youtube and like her, I will not shy away from the savagery of motherhood. As sweet as it is lets be honest, it is not for the faint of heart.


I really have great kids. I mean they slept every night since birth. So, I cannot complain about that. I know, right now some of you hate me for this, sorry not sorry. They have good manners and for the most part are very independent. But, they are little savages in their own ways.

Savage side of listening to your kids:

Listening to your kids is beneficial in so many ways. It teaches them how to carry a conversation and express themselves, but when you are trapped in a car with your 9 year old daughter who does not breath between sentences, it quickly turns into a one sided conversation and you are trapped in a steel tin can with no escape. You are trying to focus on the road but she keeps saying “Mom look, see this” Then, “Mom your not looking, you said you have to look at someone when they are talking or your not listening.”

Times like this you wish you did not teach them manners, because to them your rules are not shades gray only black and white. So you teach them when those rules apply. Driving is the exception. Only, they are too into their own story, which you heard for the 100th time (exaggeration), to even notice or care for your silly mom life lessons.

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to my kids plenty. As a savage mom thought, it is my job to teach them just because you can talk and your opinion is valuable doesn’t me you have to always talk or always be included in conversation.

The 9 year old savage:

Navigating a 9 year old girl is a struggle friends. She is trapped in this mentality that she is a tween which I have repeatedly proven her wrong, but also stuck between the between.

Back to sweetness:

I love that she wants to be included in conversation, but shit can a mom get a break. Sometimes you just want to cuss a little and have some girl talk without a child butting in with her completly unrelated story. But, they are proud of their ability to be part of adult conversation so you have to stop, acknowledge their attempt and make it known you really do value them.

An amazing and savage mom I know recently talked about stopping someone mid conversation to correct her kids. She did this repeatable during one conversation and the person pointed it out. She asker her if it was exhausting always stopping what you’re doing to correct your kids. Cadey Fenn, (, or @cadeyfenn) I’m talking about you momma. You spoke brutal honesty and were not ashamed of your savagery. I love you momma!

The ultimate savage mom moments are the best mom moments:

Cadey, you are right on. We should never apologize for correcting our kids. Even if it is exhausting, even if it might hurt their feelings, or interrupt our lives and conversations. It is our duty as sweet and savage moms to take that time. We need more parents like this in the world right now. A moments used to correct behavior right away is a lifetime of sitting back and watching your children grow up to become strong, smart, and well functioning humans. As a good reminder mom has eyes everywhere and will embarrass you if you break a rule or act like a savage.

Last dose of sweet and savagery:

So, while I complain about my daughters intrusive conversations or never ending talking, I know there will come a day she will not talk to me. She will not want to listen to me, and she will disagree with everything I say. For now, I will take what I can get, even if that means being trapped in a car with her for hours as she talks till my ears bleed. Because as savage as I am, I chose to be a sweet mother.