Are you a sweet or savage mom?

“We know them. We are them.

Sweet Mom’s:

We established already I am not this mom 98% of the time. But, we all know the mom’s who are. They are the ones who have it all together. Well, at least are really good at looking like they do. They have healthy snacks for everyone and extra to share. Their outfits, including their kids, are clean and stylish. Everyone’s hair is done, daughters hair in some fancy braid with curls, sons hair is cleanly cut and on trend, and they are literally the nicest people ever (they are so nice you have to like them).

I admit sometimes with the snack thing I am this part of a sweet mom, but that is only because Cami and I get hangry. No one wants to be around a hangry mother and daughter. Ask my husband and son about that. It happens often.

But, we all need the sweet mom. They are the ones who help us remember not to yell or lose our shit on our kids. They are the other mom our kids can run to for an extra dose of sweetness. And, they are always down to listen to our kid’s stories. And actually be interested in them.

We secretly want to have it all together like they do. We wish we could borrow​ their sweetness, but deep down we know even the sweet mom has a savage side. And that my friends is what makes us all the same.

Savage MRBF mom:

Now we are speaking my language. The savage mom has that look. It is beyond the RBF, it is much scarier​ and sadistic. The MOM look or as I call it the MRBF (mom resting bitch face). You know it, you have seen it, and if you are a savage mom you have it. The look that stops kids in their tracks. That oh shit what did I do? Is she looking at me? Shit, she is? It was her/him who did it! Run!

Okay my fellow MRBF friends, we do not have it all together. We admit it. We tend to be late, and we really don’t give a shit if people judge us. We let our kids dress themselves because we do not have time to fight over what sweatpants they want to wear and why jeans are itchy. We are selective on when we have it all together. We will punish our kid/s in public, and we are not above calling bull shit on others. But, we expect others who do the same to us. We like and respect friends who stand up to us, but we will not tolerate others, crazy kids.

We will correct your child if you don’t. But as nice as possible, we’re not child abusers. Other than that, we are actually really nice once you get to know us. Although it is hard to get past the savage, we are a little sweet. Like Shrek said, were like an onion. We are fierce friends and allies though. We’re not all bad.

Thank you again for stopping in for your dose of savagery or sweetness. Comment on what type of mom you tend to be.

Side note: I will expand this post to include the soccer mom (which I am. I’m the crazy loud one), crunchy mom (which I also am), the competitive mom, the holistic mom, they​ don’t give a F*** mom, and many other versions of mom’s I am or I encounter on the daily. Don’t be ashamed of the mom you are. Own it! As long as you are not a deadbeat mom, you keep doing you and what works best for you and your crazy a** little cult you created.