Baby fever over here!

Okay my sweet and savage friends, who else has baby fever? I do! I feel as if all these happily pregnant and new born babies are taking the savage out of me and making me go sweet.

When do you know you’re done having kids? For months I am a solid NO never again. Then, I go though phases of baby fever. Please tell me I am not alone.


The reason I am not pregnant right now my husband is deployed so i can’t really get pregnant alone, and I think too much about the reality of having a baby. If I did have a baby my oldest would be 10 years older than the new baby. Do I really want to start all over again? The diapers, breastfeeding, formula, no sleep, spit ups, carseats, strollers. you get my point. I love the season of life I am in but lately it seems we are missing something.

I think the only reason I feel this way is the fact that my husband and I have not shared the experience of going through pregnancy and all the joy and exhaustion that comes with a new baby. He adopted our kids last year. Since they were 2 and 3 he was Dad. Then after 5 years of marriage, a career shift for me, new home, going back to college, and him switching from enlisted to officer, time just flew by. Now that I finished school and am working I have time to actually think about the possibility of growing our family.

Another possibility:

Or, is it just the fact that I am constantly surrounded by babies and pregnant women. What ever it is, this round of baby fever is hitting me hard. So much I am dreaming about having babies. Help me!!! Is this just a phase? Even my kids are asking for another sibling. They love babies. I love seeing them with babies. My daughter is so willing to help, and my son loves nothing more than playing with babies and teaching them new things. So what is a momma to do? A few months ago I was ready to get my tubes tied, but that felt so permeant. I wasn’t ready to be officially done. The idea of not having another baby was terrifying.


Anyways, if you have been through this or are gong through this I would love to hear from you with what you did. For now hopefully this little dose will get you by until my next post of savagery or sweetness.