A mutual love affair, Mom + Coffee = love!

Today is a silly dose which stemmed from an email conversation with my husband. I recently confessed I am having a love affair with, our Nespresso machine. Scandalous right?

Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about mommas. You know ever since that little bundle of joy entered your world you too took your coffee game to the next level. Now, the love affair has snowballed into a full on codependent infatuation. Some of us, including myself, even wake up early to have a steamy moment alone with our maker of caffeinated goodness. Or, we search out the best coffee spots in town. Just about every picture we post has us holding a cup of coffee. We gather around it. It’s in our veins. We wear shirts and hats with little slogans advertising our love affair with the little bean that makes mom life possible.

How the affair started:

I have been begging my husband for over a year to get a Nespresso. We have a Keurig, no offense to them, but I am a latte loving momma. How I got my chrome lover, it was fate. While we were christmas shopping last year I dragged him into Williams Sonoma. And what did we find? The Nespresso Goddess giving free samples and demonstrations of their lates machines. God was helping a momma out that day. It was meant to be. It took all of 2.5 seconds for him to be convinced that they make the best lattes and we needed one. My husband loves coffee more than I do and is jokingly mocked at work as being the Pumpkin Spice man at work. The man is obsessed with PSL anything.

So, what did Santa bring mommy and lets be real probably daddy? A shiny new Nespresso machine with a built in milk steamer. It has been one of my favorite Christmas gifts of all time. The love affair started slow. It took me a while to nail the perfect latte but once I did, heaven opened up and the coffee gods started to sing. Birds were chirping, the sun was shinning, and the world was set right again. I craved my latte. Starbucks became a distant memory because now I could sip happily in my pjs with no bra or shoes watching Fixer Upper and cuddling my pups in complete silence. It was the closest to heaven I could get.

The steamy love affair got even more serious when I started to add organic almond milk, organic vanilla syrup and a drop of agave. It was a world of flavor setting me up for a perfect day. No kid or husband could interrupt every magical sip.

Mom + Coffee:

My point of this silly post is, sometimes it is the little things that can help make mommying a little easier. (I am aware that is not a real word.) For me it was the Nespresso machine, but it is a bit more than that. It is having a moment completely to myself where I do not have to talk to anyone and no one is asking me to do this or that. I am not rushing through the morning, which lets be honest if you have kids in school every morning is a sick game of beat the clock. I even set an alarm to remind me to get out of the house or the kids will be late.

For me everything starts with coffee. That is why I love searching out little coffee shops or restaurants with specialty lattes. I call up some of my favorite people and meet up. I love catching up and laughing about our crazy life over a steaming cup of coffee.

Favorite coffee spots in San Diego:

Some of my favorite spots in San Diego are Le Parfait Paris in Liberty Station. They serve the best lavender honey latte ever! Pair it with a fresh crepe and yum. Moniker Coffee Co. also in Liberty Station is a great stop for coffee and avocado toast. Better Buzz in Point Loma. On a hot day I love their iced Best Drink Ever and OG Acai bowl with almond butter. Communal Coffee in North Park, everything is good here and they have a flower shop attached. So sip, smell, and shop for a sensory overload.

Restaurants with sip worthy coffee:

Some restaurants I frequent for coffee and food, Sea 180 in Imperial Beach. Hello ocean views, lattes, food, fire pit tables, and ocean views. It is the best spot to hang out with friends or family. You can stay here all day. You literally sit right on the beach with their covered patio and ocean front where you can see the pier in front, downtown to the right and enjoy hearing the waves crash. When your done hit the beach. This is hands down my favorite spot. My second fav, Breakfast Republic, many locations in San Diego. A restaurant with a sense of humor, a variety of flavored coffee and lattes, and oodles of brunch items. you usually have to wait to get seated, but it is worth it. Come starving and ready to try a few different coffee items. This is a repeat affair because everything is amazing!

Hopefully, you enjoyed todays dose. Come back again for another dose and subscribe to be the first to know about new posts. Until next time my sweet and savage friends. Thank you for visiting.