Newport Girls weekend recap

If you follow me on Instagram your feed was flooded with images of two adorable girls. Cami and her best soccer friend Taylor. They had their first soccer scrimmage in Newport Beach. Usually, we just make a day drive for a close location but it was the first weekend of Spring Break and I decided to be the sweet mom and make it a small getaway. Girls only!

Before we left we had to make a necessary stop for breakfast. Cael tagged along and enjoyed being around Cami’s friend. The boy is a ladies man for sure. Our first stop was none other than my favorite quick brunch stops, Le Parfait Paris in Liberty Station. I ordered a honey lavender latte and the kids ordered strawberry Nutella crepes. It was the perfect start to the day. The best part, no fighting between siblings.

I don’t know about your kids, but when one of mine has a friend over it seems to calm them down. So needless to say I am always okay with friends tagging along.

After brunch, we headed to Target. What is a girls weekend without matching PJs and a new toy?​ It’s a tradition in our house. Much to my husband’s dismay. What is it with husbands and strongly disliking Target. They just don’t get it. Which is probably a good thing since I spend plenty for us both.

The girls picked out their pj’s and toy, Cael got a toy as well. I didn’t forget about him. Since our kids are so close in age, it is like having twins. Things have to be e​qual or it is a battle you will not win. I know some parents, like my husband, don’t believe in the balancing things out but I do. I feel bad and that mom guilt is a powerful thing. You know what I’m talking about.

After Target, we went back home. Packed up and off we went to our hotel, Courtyard by Marriott Laguna Hills. From the moment we arrived the staff was incredibly friendly. The concierge noticed the girls soccer bags and quickly struck u pa conversation. The girls bragged about their team and told her all about what position they play. Our room was clean and exactly what we needed. The only downside was the pool was closed; however, they did let us use the pool at their sister hotel next to the Irvine Spectrum. It was a quick 10 minute drive.

Hotel Rules:

I am that mom who lets their kids jump on the hotel bed. At hom,e we have a strict no jumping on bed rules, but in a hotel we let them go crazy. It makes traveling something to look forward to and the kids entertain themselves for hours. Also, hello extra fun mom points. We had a pillow fight and played hide and seek in the room. I even let my kid hit all the buttons on the elevator. Sorry guy who got in after us. Fun mom had taken over. She has a low level of give a crap. We’re making memories here.

Once the girls had successfully destroyed the beds, we had to make a pit stop at the Irvine Spectrum. Hell,o old school ferris wheel. It was all of our first times on it. Not extremely invigorating, but the nostalgia and the memories the girls will have every time they pass it on the freeway was worth it. They enjoyed the views and the bonding over something new.

Fun mom to savage mom:

Cami forgot her bathing suite. This is why I usually pack her bag, but she insisted she was mature enough. Sorry kid you failed this go around. Off, to Old Navy to get a suite only problem, my child is extremely picky. So, we had a bit of a savage mom moment and fun mom temporarily lost her cool. I had to take her aside and reminder her your actual mom is still here and your behavior missy is not cool.

The problem is she had her heart set on a mermaid swim suite at non other than Target. Hell,o we were just there you turd. So back we went to get the exact swim suite she wanted. Fun mom shoed her beautiful fun self again and all is right in the world.

Pool Side:

From there we went to the pool at Courtyard by Marriott Irvine Spectrum. Their pool was a complete upgrade from ours and we even got our own cabana with a TV. The girls swam, relaxed in the hot tub, and watched cartoons all while I got a much needed moment alone to soak in the sun.

Back to our hotel,l we went for showers, pjs, more jumping, and pizza. We finished the night with a movie and chocolate lava cakes. Girls had hot chocolate for a night cap and Mommy had a margarita.

Game time:

The next day we had an early start. Girls had a scrimmage against a highly ranked soccer club. It was the first time the girls have all played together and their first time playing 9v9. Cami made her debut as the starting goalie. I don’t know about you but I die a little every time someone shoots in her direction, but Cami is a cool as a cucumber. I on the other hand hide behind a parent, hold our team mascot Marbles the doodle, or pace back and forth with my hands over my mouth. Yes, I am 100% a soccer mom and not ashamed of it. I do not get crazy most the time, but if my daughter makes one hell of a save you bet your leggings I am going to cheer my head off.

The girls played amazing! Thanks to great team bonding and an amazing coaching staff. Not to mention the best soccer parents ever! We didn’t walk away victorious in a score sense, but these girls played at a high level against a team that is top 5 nationally ranked. Last year this team wiped their clocks clean. So, I would say it was a win for us.


After the game, Taylor went back with her family and Cami and I did some site seeing in Newport. We headed to Lido then Fashion Island.

Highlights, Lido has great views and cute stores. So many instance worth spots. Walls with little sayings, planters and white shiplap, views of yachts, and cute little spots like the one pictured above. It is more for adults though, so Cami was not too impressed.

Fashion Island has a Nespresso store! The coffee Goddess was looking out for me! Cami found a squishy booth and about lost her freaken mind. Sea World was there with a live band and a brief animal show which Cami loved. The kid loves Sea World and swears she will work there or Disneyland one day.

After all the fun and walking around it was time to head home. Only to be stuck in 2 and a half hours of traffic. I hate traffic. I especially hate traffic when there is absolutely no reason for it. At least have a crash (I am not insensitive, just a fender bender), road construction, border inspections, something please! I need a purpose for this suffering. But no, nothing! Just too many people trying to go on vacation. Eye roll. Oh to be a kid again and nap all the way home. I miss the feeling of being teleported home. This is why my husband usually drives. I understand why my parents were always grumpy after a long drive. It sucks!

Overall, the weekend was relaxing and a great bonding experience for Cami, Taylor and I.

Soccer Girls are the best!:

I absolutely love all her soccer girls. They are the best behaved and so much fun. There is something about being an athlete that preserves their innocence a bit longer. It brings me complete joy to have all the girls around and watch them just be kids. Their giggles are infectious.

A big parenting rule for me:

Prolong their innocence as long as possible at any cost. We still listen to Radio Disney, we talk about age-appropriate topics, and above all else remind them they are a child and that is a good thing.

Thank you again for tuning in for this sweet dose of our weekend in review.