Mother Hustler (chasing your dreams and changing them because #momlife)

Boss Moms, mompreneur, mombitious, mother hustlers, whatever you call yourself. Being a mom is like having superpowers! We can pretty much do it all. We might have a nervous break down while we do it, but we do it. Whatever you do, want to do, think you can do, I am here to tell you just do the freaken thing already.

I am proof you can do it. In May I will walk across the stage with a BA in communication from the University of San Diego. My biggest dream has been accomplished. Being a mom, student, a wife is possible. Yes, it will be hard. You will need some help along the way. At some point,​ you will miss out on kids events and date night. But stop making excuses and chase your dream or change your dream to fit your life now.


I started college and stopped college a few times in my life. I went to junior college right out of high school only to realize it was not for me, yet. I joined the Navy to figure out adulting. I decided to give college another shot. I took two classes online and did very well. Not bad for nursing a baby and raising a toddler. All A’s baby! Then work and kids became too demanding for me to finish. Once I got out of the military I went back to school to finish what I started. Two years at a junior college and two years at the University of San Diego. I got a BA in Communication. So I’m pretty much a Bad Ass Communicator. Well, my degree says so.

Chasing & changing my dreams:

This is where I gave myself permission to change my dream. I had my heart set on going to law school for the last three years. The problem is, law school is hella demanding and expensive. You need to be 100% all in to be successful. I do not settle for mediocre. And, it’s​ my kids turn to have mom more focused on them. I spent the last 4 years in school non-stop. Summer and Intersession included. It is their turn to have more of my focus. So I had a few decisions to make recently. Go to law school for 3 years, work my ass off and accomplish a dream. Or, don’t go to law school and sulk about it. Blame my husband for always being away or my kids for being so demanding. Or, my last and favorite choice, find a new dream.

I am a realist and an optimist. Doesn’t sound like those two go together, but for me, it works. Here is my point. I love going to school, and I love being a mother. I needed to find a way to make those two work while my husband is in the deployment phase of the military. I am not saying no to law school forever, but I am realistic enough to know right now is not the time.

The new dream:

My new dream, pursue a masters degree. Yep, replacing one school for another. I will be a forever student and I am okay with that. Nerd Alert! My point for all this is to encourage you all to do the same. Do not be disappointed if one dream doesn’t work out​ because of​ #momlife.

“Give yourself permission to change your dream.”

It’s okay if you planned on one career your whole life only to discover you wanted to do something else instead. I told my whole family and friends I was going to law school. I even have all my applications done and took the stupid LSAT (don’t even get me started on that). But, sometimes you need to take a step back from your own ambition and face reality. Reprioritize life a bit. Being a mother does change your life and your dreams, but thats okay.

Being a mother hustler means there will be sacrifices for your ambition. Do not let it be your kids or your marriage. Sometimes our dreams can take a little longer to achieve, and sometimes we need to get a new dream all together. It does not mean you are doing anything wrong. It does not mean you are failing at life. I used to think that. But,

“I gave myself permission to do what makes me happy. To place value in the quality of life, instead of the quantity of my dreams.”

So, cheers to new dreams and dreams that need more time to materialize. May we never stop being mother hustlers and may we continue to dream big.

Moms you can do it. You will do it. So I guess this is a sweet dose for the dreamers. Until next time, be savage and sweet.