Ain’t no shame in that minivan game!

Look I am just like the rest of you. I promised myself when I first became a mom I would never be a minivan mom. I used to make jokes about “those” moms. Little did I know I would be one sooner than later, and I am not ashamed of it!

How it all started

In March I got into an accident. My little Rouge One went from cool sporty SUV to a crunched up heap of metal. Luckily everyone was okay, but Rouge One met the same fate as those selfless heroes in Star Wars Rouge One. The kids say it was jinxed from the beginning and they were right. It was a sad day when the insurance said it was totaled. I said goodbye to my cute car and my 20’s along with it.

It was time to face reality and get a bigger SUV or a minivan. I set my sights on SUVs like the Pathfinder, Pilot, or Tahoe. However, I clearly do not need a bigger vehicle to operate. So, I started to look into vans.

Call it age or just practical reasoning, but I convinced myself a van was where the road was taking me. I started to look and test drive many different models. To my surprise, I fell in love with the practicality of a van. Holy crap! What is happening to me? Is this what being in your 30’s and parenting has done to me. Am I really going to be a van mom?

Dear lord, what is happening? I used to be so cool. I had doors that swung open, but then I also had careless kids who hit almost every car with said doors. Okay, maybe a van was practical. But, if I am really getting a van I am getting a pimped out one.

Instead of fighting the stigma of being a van mom I chose to embrace it. Hell yah I’m getting a van! No more hitting cars with the door. No more saying no to friends because we don’t have room for everyone. Now we can take one car on road trips. I narrowed it down to a few models. I test drove so many, but none could compete with the Honda Odyssey. This baby was loaded. It was like being in a space ship. DVD, lane assist, auto breaking, navigation, sunroof, so many buttons I still don’t know what they all do. It was the perfect van. I didn’t feel any less cool in it. Actually, its the nicest car I have ever owned. (not sponsored by the way)

Give me the van already!

The journey to get the perfect car was exhausting. Three days of constant test driving and negotiations. Arguing with my husband because I hate when people waste my time. I was also hangry most the time. It was exhausting. Cami ended up napping on the floor of a dealership at one point.

Do car salespeople not understand I am going to buy a van? Take my money and give me what I want already! I’d rather not play these games. But, as you all know buying a car is never easy. We had to drive an hour away from our house, go to seven dealerships to land the deal.

In hindsight, it was not that bad. Now I have the exact van I want. Thanks to my husband’s patience and my kids for their approval of the back seat we now have the #momllenniumfalcon

I might not be super hip with a van, but I am embracing this new phase in life. My kids are bigger, they are constantly on the go. We always have a friend with us, and now we can take the dogs anywhere. Room for everyone and all their stuff. This van is a symbol of our lives now, full.

Choosing to embrace where my life is now and not being upset over the changes has let me see how truly blessed I am. This purchase was bigger than my van. It was being in a place where I am finally embracing motherhood and all that comes with it. I am finding a way to be the mom and business woman I want to be. So a van is not the flashiest thing in the parking lot, but it is practical and the safe. Inside it holds my entire world. And I sure as hell am going to make sure they are safe and happy.

So to all the van moms out there, I get it now! You rock those mom vans. To all those who still think a van is not for you, I dare you to test drive one. You just might change your mind like I did. I am living my best minivan life right now and I am not ashamed.