My first Podcast with The Bubbly Sesh

It was so exciting recording my first ever podcast with the lovely and talented Jacks & Shawl from The Bubbly Sesh. We talked about Hallmarks A Veteran’s Christmas


If you don’t know who Jacks & Shawl are, they are comedic actresses from NYC who record a podcast about Hallmark movies. Basically giving us all the scoop if the show was swoon or cringe-worthy. 

For my guest appearance, we talked about Hallmarks Movies & Mysteries A Veteran’s Christmas. The movie is about Grace, a female Marine. Yes, I said it a FEMALE Marine. She separated from the Marice Corps after two tours in Afghanistan.  She left behind her search & rescue dog Christmas, who she named after she got him on Christmas Day.

We had a great time talking about the movie, but most importantly we discussed female military service. As a female veteran, they wanted my insight into a story that is not usually highlighted in movies. So, check it out and tell me what you think. 

To listen to more from The Bubbly Sesh go here:

To learn more about female veterans and their stories:

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