FREE Educational Printables for Kids

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We all know that Christmas break is filled with excitement as our kids await Santa and opening presents, but now that Christmas is over we all have a holiday hangover. We have entered a parallel dimension between Christmas and New Years and it’s time to get the kids to take a screen break and use their beautiful minds. Luckily, I have some FREE printables provided by

I know the last thing your kids and you want to do it more work, but I promise these are great options for long road trips, air travel, when the wifi goes down or the electronic die. has hundreds of FREE printables for all ages. Coloring, math, spelling, and so much more.  If you have older kids like I do, sharpening their multiplication is a priority and it doesn’t help to brush up on my own. SO we make it a competition. We set a timer and see who can answer the most correctly. It’s a great way to make it fun and to interact with your kids while learning something. Like, I remember why I hate math and how terrible I am at multiplication. We are also bringing these to our cabin because there is no wifi. Which I am secretly freaking out with the kids, but I survived childhood without the internet so I can survive 9 days. Right? 

Go to click on learning Library and click on Printable Worksheets. You will find a variety of Free worksheets, like the ones below, for any age. You can even create your own! While you are there check out all the other resources has. This is my new favorite site for all things education. 

Check out more: @education_com on Pinterest and Twitter.example ws



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