4 things you can do right now to spice up your relationship.



Reenacting Han Solo & Princess Leia’s frist kiss on the Millenium Falcon


  1. Hold hands

Our hands have 17,000 touch receptors. They are our bodies antennas to our environment and send constant signals to our brains. When we touch anything, our brain is immediately charged. When we hold hands of someone we care about, it sends transmission to our brains which can help reduction stress, help us feel comfortable and connected, and can even decrease blood presser.

  1. Dance in the kitchen

I am a terrible dancer, but you bet I will let my husband twirl me around our kitchen while were cooking. It is one of our favorite things to do and memories I cherish. It is a simple action yet one that makes me feel more connected to him than ever. Not to lie it also is a great way to get into the mood. Something sexy about your spouse or partner holding you close, kissing your neck, and having a romantic moment.

  1. Play your first dance song or a song that is special to you both.

I don’t know about you but when Thompson Square “Are you gonna kiss me or not” or “Cheek the Cheek” by Fred Astaire or our first dance song “Lucky” by Jason Maraz comes on I melt a little. All the memories of our wedding and relationship fill me up. It is funny how our emotions and memories are so intertwined with music. So next time your spouse or partner are coming home or heading for bed, put on y our favorite song and see what happens.

  1. Words of affirmation

Every day try to tell your spouse or partner one thing they did that really helped you out and how.


Explain what they did and when:

Babe, I really appreciate how you got up to feed the dogs and take care of the kids this morning.

How it helped you:

I have been feeling really tires lately and those extra minutes of sleep really helped me recharge. Thank you!

Now you try:

These tips are free and really work. Try them out for a few weeks and let me know if they helped. I’m not giving you any advice that I havn’t tested at home. For the last 7 years of marriage we are still doing these 4 things and our marriage is only getting better. So give it a try and report back on my Instagram



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