When the troops come marching home, Wayfair and Homes for Our Troops are there to welcome them.

What does service before self look like for military families? It looks a lot like the Curtin family. Marine Lance Corporal John Curtin joined the Marines at 19, the same age I was when I joined the Navy, but our careers ended in two completely different ways.

2019-06-14 Wayfair Home For Our Troops1019-nicolegerulatFor LCpl John Curtin his active duty career ended with losing both his legs and sustaining severe damage to his right forearm after stepping on a pressure plate. What was supposed to be a routine check turned into the worst day of his life, but it’s not my story to tell so I am going to pause right here and let LCpl John Curtin tell you his story. He can tell it better than anyone.

Click here to meet LCpl Curtin and hear his story. 

How amazing is this family, and their love story is something out of a romance novel. Our veterans are resilient, but they can’t do everything and that’s where Homes for Our Troops in partnership with Wayfair is making sure our wounded veterans have a place to call home where they can be independent and find success after service.

Wayfair has decided to team up with Homes for Our Troops because they support their mission to build and donate specially adapted, custom homes nationwide for severely injured post 9/11 war veterans. By helping them rebuild their lives with the greatest welcome home.

Since 2004, Homes for Our Troops has built over 270 specially adapted homes nationwide. Watch this video by Homes for Our Troops to learn about the life-changing work they do.

Curtin Family Home:

Wayfair furnished the Curtin Family Home and it looks amazing! Thank you Homes for our Troops and Wayfair for serving our veterans!

Welcome Home Curtin Family!

Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

How you can help?

Donate and get involved!

The next time you purchase from Wayfair donate at checkout or visit Homes for Our Troops to get involved. 

HFOT Checkout image

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