Teaching your kids about sex and same sex marriage.

Since the day my oldest daughter was born, I have been dreading the day she and her brother became teens. As we are edging closer to their teen years I have been laying the groundwork toward open conversations. I had the sex talk all planned out, but I never thought about how I would explain […]

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The Downside of Competitive Sports​ for your kids.

I am a huge advocate for putting your kids in sports. As an athlete myself many of the lessons I learned in life I learned on a field. That is why I chose to put my kids in sports early on. Many parents will disagree, and that’s okay. I completely understand the downside of competitive […]

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Sweet and savage marriage. Why we do it.


Welcome to the first ever dose of savagery. I hope to this point I have not built up your anticipation with how spectacular my writing skills are. You were warned. I am opinionated, long-winded, and constantly sarcastic. If you do not understand my humor, well congratulations you are in the 98 percentile. For the 2% […]

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